We have three sea salts: Light Grey, Sifted Light Grey, and Fleur de Sel.

SiftedLight Grey crystals are collected and packaged just as nature made them, untouched and perfect.  One benefit besides flavor for the whole crystals is that the moisture content makes it “cling” naturally to food without having to add oil or fat.

Sifted Light Grey crystals are hand sifted for smaller salt crystals that are still whole to retain their precious moisture. The moisture is important; just as freshly ground coffee or black pepper taste best when freshly ground, the same is true for these salt crystals!

Fleur de Sel or “Flower of Salt” got its name because it crystalizes on the waters’ surface and looks like a delicate snow flake or flower.  Fleur de Sel does not crystallize under water on the blue-green algae clay beds, so is whiter in color.